If you have a body with a new part, You Are a World Transplant Athlete!!!

About Us

World Transplant Athletes’ purpose is to empower organ transplant recipients everywhere to engage in activities, exercise, and sport to live healthier, happier, longer lives by growing and promoting the benefits of physical activity.

Our Mission

To empower organ transplant recipients everywhere by demonstrating organ recipients participating in physical activities, exercise, and sport.

The World Transplant Athletes initiative is just what our community needed. Showcasing different transplanted athletes around the world who participate in various sports is a phenomenal way to feel connected to a large, worldwide community of inspirational and like-minded people. I wish a resource like this was available when I was going through my liver transplant in 2015.

Transplant Stories

Transplant athletes worldwide have amazing stories of how organ, eye and tissue donation has impacted their lives. The following recipients share the triumphs and personal sacrifices of their journeys as organ and tissue recipients.

Zachary Brooks
Tamaryn Stevens
Tatiana Narvaez
Jillian Best
Santi Alvarez
Simon Elmore
Chantel Memziwe
Qusai Albakri
Holly Miyagawa
José Antonio
Fabiano Paratore
Mari Martinez

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World Transplant Athletes’ relies on the generous support of our partners in order to to fulfill our mission, share recipient tips and content with all transplant recipients, and to put these into the hands of every transplant coordinator in every transplant center in the world. Please consider how you can make a difference today.

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